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73418 新的研究表明,晚上睡觉时在卧室里给手机充电不只会干扰美容觉,还有可能会使人变胖。   They say that our bodies need pitch-black dark to produce the right levels of a hormone involved in regulating the conversion of food and drink into energy。 我们的身体需要在漆黑的黑暗环境下才会分泌正常水平的一种调节食物和饮料转换成能量的激素。 It means ambient light from street lamps can disrupt the release of melatonin and prevent us burning food as efficiently。 这意味着连周围的路灯灯光都会扰乱褪黑激素的释放量,影响身体燃烧食物能量的效果。 But scientists say… Seguir Leyendo 囧研究:睡觉时给手机充电小心变胖(双语)