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The other pollutants

– The other pollutants Material developed to absorb more pollutants. Most scientists worldwide, who are concerned with absorption and disposal of pollutants caused by traffic, focus on benzene which is very harmful to health even in low concentrations. But now, a research team from the University of Granada has taken their research further by developing… Seguir Leyendo The other pollutants - Reino Unido

Paracetamol could slow bone growth

– Paracetamol could slow bone growth One of the most common pain relieving medications could be contribute to slow bone growth. Research conducted by the Department of Nursing at the University of Granada, Spain, showed that paracetamol could be stunting skeletal healing, as explored by ‘in vitro’ (test tube) studies. Author of the study, Olga… Seguir Leyendo Paracetamol could slow bone growth - Reino Unido

Goat’s milk more beneficial than cow’s milk

– Goats milk is healthier than cows milk Spanish researchers have found that goats milk contains more beneficial properties than cows milk, which could aid the bloodstream and bone strength. Research carried out at the Department of Physiology of the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain revealed that some of the properties contained in goats… Seguir Leyendo Goat’s milk more beneficial than cow’s milk