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Loud thinking helps solve maths problems quickly

Loud thinking helps solve maths problems quickly

Those students who think aloud while solving such problems can so faster and have more possibilities of finding the right solution that those who do not do it. Likewise, drawing or making a pictorial representation relating to the subject also contributed to its solution, according to the study by Spain\’s University of Granada (UGR).

The researchers analysed in depth the work of last-year students of the degree in mathematics of the UGR, who were isolated to solve a problem and were recorded on video so their speech could be studied later.

This work has been conducted by the professors Jose Luis Villegas Castellanos (of the University of the Andes, Venezuela) and Enrique Castro Martinez and Jose Gutierrez, of the University of Granada, says an UGR release.

This research work has revealed, that the ability in the management of representations (such as talking aloud or drawing the problems) \’is closely related to the success in problems solution\’.

These findings were published in Revista de Investigacion Psicoeducativa and the Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology.