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Researchers Manage to Create Artificial Human Skin

Researchers from the University of Granada, in a ground breaking development, managed to create artificial human skin by tissular engineering which was based on agarose-fibrin biomaterial.

The artificial skin, under the experiment, was grafted onto mice, and then development, maturation and functionality result were witnessed and noted. This breakthrough discovery would now allow the clinical use of human skin and its use in various lab tests on biological tissues, which would help avoid the use of lab animals.

In addition, the discovery would prove to be much useful in coming up with new treatment options for dermatological pathologies.

The research was mainly undertaken by José Maria Jiménez Rodriguez, from the Tissular Engineering Research group of the Department of Histology of the University of Granada. It was carried out in association with professors Miguel Alaminos Mingorance, Antonio Campos Muñoz and José Miguel Labrador Molina of the same university.

First of all, the researchers selected the cells that would play their part in generation of artificial skin and then they studied the evolution of the in-vitro culture. Finally, they performed a quality control of the tissues that had been grafted onto mice.

Till now, no recipients rejected the skin and the experiment seems to be a success.