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Critical Discourse Studies and Social Change. Where are we at? (Online event)

Fecha y Horario: 16 & 17 february 2022 | 10.00- 19.45 (GMT+ 1 )


Over the last two years, the Covid pandemic has heightened social inequalities across the world. Various social issues such as the access to technology, education, and welfare in the face of never-ending lockdowns and the increasing precarization of labour have been extensively covered only to unveil systematic and structural inequalities. These, in turn, have been enhanced by neoliberal social and political practices in which an elite has increased their assets while the least privileged have become poorer (Oxfam International 2022).

Simultaneously, the rise of fake news spreading conspiracy theories about vaccines and efforts to question the climate crisis (among others) have greatly contributed to a polarization never witnessed before, threatening democratic values, practices, and human rights. This has also led to an increase in violence and hate speech both online and public spaces, in which minoritized groups have been attacked, openly discriminated, and marginalized from the public discourse and space. As a result, these social dynamics have only enhanced socio-political processes prior to the pandemic that started questioning the status quo and demanding a more integrated approach to the understanding of society, interpersonal relations, and resignifications of our own history (e.g., independence movements, feminist causes, movements such as Black Lives Matters, the destruction of statues glorifying a colonial past, even new constitutional processes to abolish a dictatorial legacy).

Organiza: Dep. Filologías inglesa y alemana