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A teaching innovation project incorporates elements to improve psychomotor activity of future odontologists

Professor Manuel Toledano Pérez has focused part of his research works on psychomotor training of future odontologists. They have set in motion a teaching innovation project that improves the features of the hindsight box they have been using in the subject Applied ergonomics for about seven years. He has also designed a bank of training tests for the hindsight box.

This way, students get used to a series of movements working on indirect vision without harming their health. The project helps to maintain the so-called position of maximum balance, providing rest and absolute comfort while working. The box makes a series of exercises with increasingly difficult specular vision possible, helping students to acquire certain skill and to take care of their psychomotor activity and health.

Manual coordination
It is a medium-sized box. The two side faces are hollow place hands into it and handle the tools inside. The inside front face of the box has a mirror that allows to see what is being done through a slot at the top. The top methacrylate barrier prevents the student from getting his face close to it, flexing his neck excessively. “The aim is to train movements as well as manual and psychomotor coordination in indirect vision”, explains Toledano.

Through the implementation of validated tests of psychomotor activity assessment, a group of trained students has been compared to others who have not. The study has proved, according to the Department of Stomatology of the UGR, the effectiveness of the series of exercises.

Reference: Prof Manuel Toledano Pérez.
Dpt. Stomatology. University of Granada.
Phone numbers. 958 243 788 – 244085.