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Male Drug-Addicts Abuse Is At All-Time High: Reveals a Study

A new study at the University of Granada has revealed that most of the male drug-addicts abuse their partners both physically as well as psychologically. The number of gender-based violence is really big to almost 6 out of 10 male drug-addict men. The list of the violence type perpetrated and revealed in the study includes personal control, sexual abuse; emotional neglect and emotional blackmail out of guilt.

It has also been revealed in the study that between 6.5 and 72.4pc of the total population, people have sincerely admitted to have committed one or other type of violence against their intimate partner. Out of all, the least prevalent conduct (i. e. 6.5pc) was: «I forced her to abort against her will.» On the other hand the most prevailing conduct (i. e. 72.4pc) was: «I show total disregard for her needs, wishes and interests.»

The research which was carried out by Amelia Matute Lopez, and was basically conducted by Professor Andres Soriano Diaz showed that the rate of physical violence oscillates between 6.5pc and 21pc, while psychological violence varies between 7.3pc and 72.4pc.

Upon the facts revealed, Lopez said that «Despite their negative effect on their health and well-being, women remain in this type of relationship as a result of the pressure exerted by their male partners and of the romantic myths of unconditional and imbalanced love.»