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Study says pesticides found in everyone

Study says pesticides found in everyone
by MT Bureau – January 5, 2008 – 0 comments

Granada, Spain — Spanish researchers say 100 percent of people carry at least one type of pesticide in their body.

A study by the University of Granada in collaboration with the Andalusian School of Public Health found that 100 percent of Spaniards analyzed had at least one kind of persistent organic compound in their bodies.

POCs, which are substances internationally classified as potentially harmful, enter the body through food, water or even air, the university said Friday in a release.

The study measured the contamination levels of some POCs in a sample of the adult population from one urban and one rural area.

A total of 387 adults had a sample of their human adipose tissue taken during surgery and answered a questionnaire about their place of residence, lifestyle, eating habits and activities throughout their life.

The study found that 100 percent of subjects analyzed had DDE in their bodies and a very large number had PCB-153, HCB, PCB-180, PCB-138 and HCH.

Higher levels of toxic substances were detected in women compared to men and in older volunteers compared to younger people, the report said..

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