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Goat Milk Similar To Human Milk: Spanish Study

Goat milk, preferred by Mahatma Gandhi, contains many nutrients that make it similar to human milk, according to a new Spanish study.

Researchers at the University of Granada Department of Physiology and Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, coordinated by Prof Margarita S nchez Campos, have proven that goat milk has nutritional characteristics beneficial to health.

The regular consumption of goat milk by individuals with iron deficiency anemia improves their recovery, since it enhances the nutritional use of iron and enhances the regeneration of hemoglobin.

The researchers found that goat milk has many nutrients -as casein- that make it similar to human milk.

It contains less casein alpha 1 -as human milk-, which is responsible for most allergies to cow milk. Therefore, goat milk is hypoallergenic.

«For this reason, in some countries it is used as the basis for the development of infant formula in place of cow milk», said the researchers.