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Actonel 35 mg Helps Postmenopausal Women Fight Hip Osteoporosis

The University of Granada has revealed through a study on osteoporosis that women with the condition reached menopause a good two years before healthier women, and the good news is that Canadian drugs like Actonel 35 mg can actually reduce the chances of getting a broken bone.
The study also identified a minimum of three genetic markers that connected the postmenopausal women with hip osteoporosis. A process called densitometry was conducted to record readings on bone mineral density in the hip and spine. On the other hand, to study the genetic markers, researchers collected blood samples.
Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease of the bone. When it hits women and men, the bone density reduces. In other words the bone starts thinning which leads to a fracture or breaking of the bone. Women that reach menopause have increased chances of getting osteoporosis.

The body has sufficient quantity of the hormone estrogen that is instrumental in keeping our bones healthy. However, women who reached menopause produce less quantity of estrogen, which can then lead to osteoporosis. Men get the condition because of poor eating habits or diseases.

The danger that lies with the ailment is that hardly any symptoms are evident which would tell an individual that osteoporosis is present. Only when a fracture occurs or the individual meets with a severe hip or other bone injury will the condition become evident.

Physicians therefore advise postmenopausal women to take Actonel 35 mg, which is readily available in a Canadian pharmacy, for both prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It reduces the chances of vertebral fractures and fractures in areas like the pelvis, legs, wrists, humorous, hips and clavicle.

Patients with osteoporosis of the hip have every chance of getting a fracture. It will restrict the movements of the patient to a great extent, and the process of cure is not very cheap at all.

Since 80% of the formation of bones is determined by genetics, the researchers chose five Spanish clinics that were willing to participate in the study. The reason for conducting the study was simply to understand the different factors that could increase the incidence of osteoporosis in people.

The gynecology departments of the various clinics provided the data related to 2,000 patients. The medical records were studied in detail and the various risk factors were identified with hip osteoporosis. Since most of the patients were Mediterranean, their diets were studied as well.

Different genes have yielded different results in the past for different medical conditions. Results clearly show that it is important to monitor and prevent hip osteoporosis among postmenopausal women before a serious injury occurs.
Obesity is another area where older women have to be extra careful. It has been found that one in every four women who get fractured after reaching menopause is obese. They are more likely to lose their balance and fall. Their lack of mobility also adds to the problem.

Therefore, Canada Drugs Online clearly endorses the use of Actonel 35 mg not only to prevent a bone injury but also to treat and increase bone density among postmenopausal women affected by hip osteoporosis.