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New Device Measures Patients’ Radiation Exposure

– New Device Measures Patients’ Radiation Exposure

A new device may help patients know how much radiation they have been exposed to during radiation therapy.

Researchers from the University of Granada have designed a portable and low-cost tool that can measure ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation plays a critical role in treating and diagnosing malignant tumors and other conditions.

But as Manuel Vilches Pacheco, Granada, explains, “the potential harm ionizing radiations can cause means that, in order to obtain clinical benefits and reduce the onset of unwanted adverse effects as much as possible, they must be used under strict quality control.”

Experts say that is why it is important to develop instruments to verify radiation results by measuring the exact dose administered to patients.

The new device is designed to perform accurately at high temperatures. And it doesn’t need an electrical outlet or a reading supply unit. This means no changes need to be made to the radiation room to accommodate its use. The tool’s small size can measure radiation quickly in different part of the body and keep a history of the findings for each patient.

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SOURCE: Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Granada