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Cops, thieves, ordinary people apply different logic when making decisions

Police officers and criminals are more consistent in their judgements than ordinary people, according to a new study.

However, police officers’ reasoning is more similar to that of ordinary people than to that of thieves.

This conclusion might have significant implications on criminal jurisdiction. For the purpose of this study, a 120-people sample was taken. The sample consisted of 40 expert criminals, 40 expert olicemen and 40 students unrelated to criminal activities

The study conducted by the University of Granada, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, revealed that policemen and ordinary people reason differently than criminals when making decisions. That is, they reason in different ways.

The research was conducted by Rocmo Garcma-Retamero from the Department of Experimental Psychology and Behavioural Physiology of the University of Granada, and Mandeep K. Dhabi from the Institute of Criminology (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom).