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18 Mar, 2019 · 12:00 al 18 Mar, 2019 · 13:30 Facultad de Ciencias

Conferencia “Multi-Dimensional Optical Sensing and Imaging Systems”

Bahram Javidi

Conferencias, seminarios, divulgación científica

Conferencia impartida por el profesor Bahram Javidi (Universidad de Connecticut), con motivo del Día internacional de la Luz (16 de mayo) y del Día internacional del Color (21 de marzo).

Abstract: In this seminar, we shall present research and education opportunities at Multi-dimensional Optical Sensing and Imaging Systems [MOSIS] Lab. These opportunities include obtaining graduate degrees with financial support from MOSIS, post-doctoral stays, obtaining a dual PhD degree (one from Spain and one from UConn (with financial support)], short term visiting scholar positions, etc. The seminar will present an overview of our research activities in advanced optical imaging systems from macro to micro scales. MOSIS contributes to various applications in multi-dimensional sensing, 3D imaging, visualization, and displays, augmented reality viewing devices, dynamic integral imaging, flexible 3D sensing and imaging, 3D object recognition in extremely low light levels with very few photons (photon counting imaging), polarimetric imaging will be presented. Broad applications of these systems in manufacturing, defense, security and anti-counterfeiting systems, nano-scale 3D imaging, field portable 3D holographic systems, 3D microscopy, bio-medicine and healthcare, automated disease identification, and commercial electronics will be discussed.

Sobre Bahram Javidi
Bahram Javidi is Board of Trustees Distinguished Prof. at Univ. of Connecticut. His main research interests are optics for multi-dimensional imaging and visualization, optics & photonics for information systems, optics for defense, security, and healthcare applications, and optics for authentication and security. He is particularly interested in advanced imaging applications through cross disciplinary collaboration with colleagues in photonics, optoelectronic devices, nano technologies, quantum optics, and biomedicine. He is Fellow of IEEE, OSA, EOS, SPIE, IoP, National Academy of Inventors, and Guggenheim Foundation. He received the Optical Society (OSA) C. E. K. Mees Medal (2019), the OSA Fraunhofer Award (2018), European Physical Society Quantum Electronics & Optics Prize (2015), Humboldt Prize, Germany’s highest research award for senior scientists (2008), SPIE Technology Achievement Award (2008), IEEE Donald Fink Prize (2008) chosen among all IEEE Transactions & Journals, SPIE Dennis Gabor Award (2005), & IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award (2004). He is an alumnus of Frontiers of Engineering of The National Academy of Engineering. He has completed 9 books, 500+ journal articles, & 500+ conference papers. His papers have been cited 41000 per Google Scholar (h index=94). He served on Editorial Boards of Proceedings of IEEE Journal (ranked #1 among all IEEE journals), IEEE Photonics Journal, and IEEE J. of Display Tech. He has supervised over 150 MS, PhD, Post-Docs, and Visiting Scientists.

  • Fecha: Lunes 18 de marzo de 2019
  • Lugar: Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Ciencias
  • Horario: 12h
  • Organiza: Departamento de Óptica
  • Más información:
    Prof. Javier Hernández Andrés
    Catedrático de Óptica
    Departamento de Óptica
    Facultad de Ciencias
    Universidad de Granada



18 marzo

12:00 - 13:30