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18 Dic, 2018 · 12:00 al 18 Dic, 2018 · 13:30 Facultad de Ciencias

Conferencia: «Evolution in host-pathogen systems: emergent trade-offs and self-evolved criticality»

Víctor Buendía

Conferencias, seminarios, divulgación científica

Conferencia a cargo de Víctor Buendía.

Resumen: Understanding how evolution works is an open question in ecological systems. In the last years there has been an effort to understand host-parasite systems. Despite the advances in the field of computational epidemiology, there are many features of the observed viral strains that we cannot understand yet: why are most viruses mild? How does natural selection operate in these systems? How does co-evolution with host emerges? In this talk, I will review a stochastic evolutionary model that displays an emergent trade-off between transmission and virulence by a self-organization mechanism, called «self-evolved criticality». I will show how this self-evolved criticality regulates the virulence of the epidemy, making it mild, and how extensions of this model can give new insights into the field of evolutionary biology.

  • Fecha: Martes 18 de Diciembre, 2018
  • Lugar: Seminario de Física de la Materia. Planta baja del edificio de Física. Facultad de Ciencias.
  • Horario: 12:00 horas.
  • Organiza: Grupo de Física Estadística y Sistemas Complejos
  • Más información: Enlace web



18 diciembre, 2018

12:00 - 13:30