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IV International Seminar on Irish Studies

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Ireland through its Music, History, Literature and Cinema

  • Fecha: 11-15 Feb. 2019
  • Lugar: Aula García Lorca, Facultad De Filosofía Y Letras


A certificate of attendance will be provided.

Students will be able to apply for credit validation (2 ECTS).

Despite being a relatively small country, Ireland has a very rich and dynamic cultural tradition. This Seminar aims to bring that culture closer through Ireland’s literature, music, film and history. The goal is to enhance the students’ knowledge of subjects traditionally overlooked in Spanish universities or hidden under names such as “English Literature” or “British Culture and Civilization”. The Seminar will emphasize the cultural representations of the so-called “otherness” patent in the contradictory Irish society, in which women, homosexuals, migrants, gypsies and other minorities ‘outside the canon’ have been traditionally marginalized. To address this issue, the Seminar will have the participation of several  lecturers specialized in this field, as well as four brilliant speakers, among whom are a feminist activist and three artists of recognized prestige in Ireland’s cultural landscape: the poet Colette Bryce, the playwright Chris Lee and the novelist Eibhear Walshe. In addition, this year we will have the participation of the Irish traditional music band Gan Ainm, the dance group Celtic Flow. We will also count of the precious presence of Gabrielle O’Gorman, a survivor of the Magdalene Laundries, all of which makes this edition a very special event. Gabrielle will tell us what happened in these religious institutions when young women were confined after having suffered abuse by family members or strangers, how she suffered this in her own flesh and how she feels with the passing of years.


  • Attendance: Students must have attended 90% of the sessions. Students will sign in an attendance sheet. Absence to more sessions than allowed must be duly justified.
  • Presentation of final report: In addition, students must prepare a brief summary that must be delivered within 15 days after the end of the sessions.