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Virgin olive oil and blue fish reduce intestinal inflammation

A study carried out by researchers of the Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology of the University of Granada affirms that the continual use of a diet rich in olive oil and a supplement of fish oil can be useful for treating ulcerative colitis, since it improves inflammation and intestinal mucosa. According to Ángel Gil, a member of the research group, “a diet rich in virgin olive oil, together to the supplement of fatty acids of the series n-3 (omega 3, from fish oil), reduces inflammation and leads to an improvement of colon damage”.

Intestinal inflammatory characterizes by a difused inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
There are two types: the Crohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis. In this last one, lesions locate exclusively in colon coming to produce frequent intestinal relaps (obstructions). The cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown, although it is known that it has a genetic origin. However, according to researchers, “environmental conditions significantly influence the development of the disease, since its impact is increasing for several decades”.
Pharmacological therapy used until the moment, which utilizes steroid and non-steroid anti-nflammatories, sometimes manages disease remission for a period of time, but long-term therapy has a lot of side effects. This research work proves that dietetic treatment of the disease through nutrition can be effective as a primary therapy. This study has aroused interest in the western world, since developed countries have considerably increased the number of chronic patients of such pathologies.

Further information: Ángel Gil. University of Granada.
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