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Women’s Emotions Need to Be Safeguarded

Women’s Emotions Need to Be Safeguarded

It was previously believed that women take quarrels straight to their heart, but now research has also confirmed that women tend to get more upset when their partners squabble with them. The study has also revealed that man or boyfriend causes relationship rows in the first time.

The findings came from researchers at the University of Granada in Spain, who analyzed the type of interpersonal emotions men and women feel when they face different conflicts within their relationship.

For the study, a total of 142 people – 75 women and 67 men – were exposed to five different situations in which a couple might experience an argument. During the study it was observed that in situations where one partner offends the other or treats them disrespectfully, women felt miserable, while the situation in which one partner was physically aggressive during an argument, women felt more disappointed than men.

In a quarrel, men expresses powerful undermining emotions like wrath, anger or contempt, while women would experience more submissive attitudes, like guilt, sadness or fear.

Therefore, it is felt that society should establish certain rules on the composition of men-women relations, it also establishes some rules on how both are expected to act in certain conflictive situations.