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Collecting a Bad Influence on Your Mental Health

Health experts have warned that the hobby of collection might not be as beneficial as thought earlier. Apparently, people have been advised against their passion for collecting stamps, coins and dolls as people can end up suffering psychological disorders because of their hobbies.

Talking on the topic, Professor at the Department of Personality, Psychological Assessment and Treatment, University of Granada, Francisca López Torrecillas, said that marketing campaigns carried out by publishing houses in the beginning of academic sessions can lead to people developing the dreaded obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People collecting any type of things like porcelain dolls, world thimbles, ships and tanks, watches and even dinosaurs are at the risk of developing the condition. She said that collecting things is a good way to recreate psychologically; however, such an activity is best done under control.

She informed that apart from being good for overall psychological health; collection of items helped in bringing about perseverance, order, patience and memory in people.

However, she also warned that the last few years have witnessed some ghastly incidents. It needs to be kept in mind that there have been cases where people in an urge to complete their collection have resorted to stealing on a number of occasions.