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Breastfeeding Leads to Stronger Legs in Adolescence

The benefits of breastfeeding are endless and a recent study has further shown the positives of breastfeeding. It has been found that apart from being helpful in so many other things, mother’s milk also plays a vital role in improving the physical health of a child in adolescence.

It was reported that leg muscles of children who were fed during their nascent years of life were much stronger, when compared to children who received artificial milk. Apart from that, the strength grew with the passage of time for which, the child had been fed by the mother.

Talking about the study, Lead Author Enrique Garcia Artero from the University of Granada said that the basic intent of the study was to find out whether breastfeeding actually benefitted newborns in the long-term.

The study involved an interview of 2,567 adolescents and their parents, who were questioned about the type of feed they received and the duration. The adolescents were also assessed on their overall strengths.

Following the evaluation scientists reached the above conclusion. Though, it was also found that children who were provided a good feed also performed well in tasks related to jumping. Artero also informed that there had been no such studies previously, which had looked into these intricacies of breastfeeding.