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Coffee waste has 500 times antioxidant effect than Vitamin-C

77617 A new study says the antioxidant effects of coffee by-products are 500 times greater than those found in vitamin C.
It could be used to create functional foods with significant health benefits.
Medical News reported that the epidermis of the coffee bean silverskin is usually removed during processing, while the coffee grounds are normally directly discarded.
A University of Granada research team set out to determine the extent to which these by-products could be recycled for nutritional purposes.
The researchers demonstrate the powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of the coffee grounds and silverskin, which are highly rich in fiber and phenols.
Professor Jose Angel Rufian Henares, who led the study says, they also contain high levels of melanoidins, which are produced during the roasting process and give coffee its brown colour,
The researchers concluded that processed coffee by-products could potentially be recycled as sources of new food ingredients.