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Abbott partners with University of Granada on nutrition research

Abbott Nutrition has expanded its partnership with Spain’s University of Granada to develop new nutrition products
and analytical testing methods, the company has said.
Located at Granada’s Health Science Technology Park, the link­up is the latest in Abbott’s netw ork of partnerships w ith universities,
w hich also includes associations w ith the University of Illinois in the US and the University of Singapore. Products and methods
resulting fromthe partnership are intended to be applied across the European Union and around the w orld.
The company said it also intends to use local and regional consumer insights to find solutions to local and national public health nutrition
issues. Specifically, areas of interest include diabetes, obesity, lean body mass, cognition and early nutrition.
Dr Robert Miller, divisional vice president, R&D and Scientific Affairs for Abbott Nutrition told NutraIngredients that understanding
cognition in adults and early infant nutrition w ere «two sides of the same coin.»
«The University of Granada is one of the strongest universities when it comes to nutrition,» he said. «They have a strong programme
in infant nutrition.»
He added: «Tackling big health issues these days really does require a multidisciplinary partnership.
«…In understanding how the brain and cognition develops, you also start to understand some of the elements that might mean you
start losing cognition.»
The company’s partnership w ith the university involves funding eight post­doctoral or PhD­level students as they start on their
careers. For these students, the partnership w ith Abbott brings theminto the company’s global netw ork of scientists w orking in the
same research area.
«It is a great opportunity for them to get exposure to global interaction,» Miller said.
He added that Abbott Nutrition has a long history w ith Granada, w here it has been involved in both R&D and manufacturing since 1994.