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60% of university students fear maths

60% of university students fear maths

The majority of university students have “mathematical anxiety” and feel their number crunching skills are not up to scratch, research has found.

Six out of ten students admit to feeling tension, nervousness, concern, worry, edginess, impatience, confusion, fear and mental block when dealing with the subject.

Researchers from the University of Granada tested over 800 of their students from 23 degree courses about their feelings towards the subject and having to use it.

Using the \’Fennema-Sherman Mathematics Attitudes Scales\’ they claimed 47% of male student and 62% of female students suffer maths anxiety.

This works out to a total of six in ten university students being scared of maths … and according to our working out that\’s like 95 percent.
Professor Patricia Pérez-Tyteca claims that may students even choose degrees different to those they preferred in order to avoid studying subjects connected with Maths.