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Food additive glycine prevents degenerative diseases

– Food additive glycine prevents degenerative diseases

WASHINGTON: Arthrosis and other degenerative diseases can be prevented by taking a supplement of a food additive called glycine, says a study.

A study conducted by doctors at the University of Granada has shown that these diseases afflict a person when he lacks this amino acid, which is present in food such as fish, meat or dairy products.

Doctor Patricia de Paz Lugo studied the effect of the glycine supplement in the diet of a group of 600 volunteers affected by different diseases related to the mechanical structure of the organism.

It was found that the direct intake of the substance as a food additive helped prevent arthrosis and other degenerative diseases, in addition to other diseases related to a weakness in the mechanical structure of the organism, including the difficulty of repairing physical injuries.

The study carried out at the Cellular Metabolism Institute (CMI) in Tenerife demonstrated that in all cases, there was a notable improvement in the symptomology.

“Therefore, we concluded that many degenerative diseases such as arthrosis can be treated as deficiency diseases due to the lack of glycine, since supplementing a diet with this amino acid leads to a notable improvement in symptomology without the need to take pain-killers,” said De Paz Lugo.

According to researchers, this amino acid should be considered an essential amino acid.