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Placebo Effect from Goji Berries

A balanced diet is crucial to realize the positive effects of Goji berries, according to a professor from University of Granada.

The species Lycium Barbarum is currently imported from China and comes from the Mediterranean regions and grows in other mild regions of the world.

While the consumption of Goji berries has risen dramatically over the last months, their properties have not been scientifically proven yet by any relevant clinical intervention study with humans. Most of Goji berries’ components are contained in the recommended fruit and vegetable intake in balanced diets.

The only difference is the «significant placebo effect» on people consuming them. Also, the species Lycium Barbarum belongs to the Solanaceae family, the same family to which potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and other vegetables included in the Mediterranean diet belong.

Such is the explanation given by Professor Emilio Mart¡nez de Victoria Munoz at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Science of the University of Granada. He also remarks that the supposed scientific studies endorsing the beneficial properties of Goji berries «were exclusively developed in vitro and in animals in China, but few have been conducted in humans out of China», although «the effects are likely to be the same».

Goji berries contain numerous nutrients. This fruit contain antioxidants, complex polysaccharides (proteoglycan, which are considered to be the source of its beneficial effects on health) and monosaccharides, lutein and zeaxanthin (beneficial for the eyes), fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. hus, «these berries can not have any damaging or neutral effect on human health», the University of Granada professor stated. Caution must be taken with potential allergic reactions, and patients taking anticoagulant drugs should avoid the intake of this fruit.