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High levels of protein in diet can lead to serious health hazards to the kidneys

69964 Dr. Virginia Aparicio of the University of Granada along with team studied the effects of a high protein diet on the urinary plasma and morphological parameters in humans. The very highly proclaimed Dr. Dukan diet might result in long term effect of kidney disease or urinary disease. It might cause nephrolithiasis and affect the urinary pH or urinary calcium content in the human body. The study was conducted on 2 sets of 10 mice each. The first group was given high protein diet through protein supplements. The second control group was given a normal protein diet. The experiment was conducted for 12 weeks which is an equivalent of 9 years in human beings. Results were scary. Rats with high protein diet supplements lost 10% body weight. But urinary citrate was 88% lower and urinary pH was 15% more acidic. The kidney weight also increased in these mice models by 22%.