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– Scientists develop a new methodology for landfill management

Washington, June 6: Scientists from the University of Granada in Spain have designed a novel and versatile environmental diagnostic method for landfill management, which is able to adapt to different places of the world and contributes to quantify the environmental impact.

From this method, known as EVIAVE, they have designed a software application to solve problems related to subjectivity in the measurement of the environmental impact caused by landfills.

The work defines the pollution probability of the landfill according to the exploitation level, as well as to its location.

It also permits to control harmful impacts such as bad smell and superficial and subterranean water pollution.

The study produced a tool that analyzes the relation between landfill dynamics and their influence on different elements in the environment. For this purpose, a set of environmental indexes are specified, which quantify the environmental impact of landfills.

The tool has been applied and validated in landfills of Andalusia and has incorporated information of countries such as Chile, Venezuela and Colombia.

Its application to other countries with different legal frameworks and socioeconomic characteristics require the revision of those variables or environmental descriptors that may be directly affected. However, this adaptation is a relatively simple process.

Starting from the EVIAVE methodology, techniques from the Department of Computing Sciences and Artificial Intelligence have designed a software application that makes its implementation easier.

According to Encarnacion Garrido Vegara from the University of Granada, this computer tool facilitates the application of EVIAVE, provides more complete information about environmental diagnosis of landfills and solves problems related to subjectivity and uncertainty that can arise when the method is applied by experts from different fields.