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Hot Nose is the Sure Sign of a Liar, claim Scientists

scientists’ recent claims are to be believed then now people can easily catch if the other person is lying or not. Yes, scientist’s recent claims are talking about a new effect that is the sure sign of a liar: a hot nose.

Above claims have been made by the team of researchers from the University of Granada, who explained in their findings that when a person lies, his tip of the nose gets hotter because of the rise in the anxiety that is produced by lying.

Liars need not worry much because along with their above claims they have also suggested a way of cooling the nose down i. e. by making “a great mental effort”.

The facts or the phenomenon came to the knowledge of the professionals when they used thermal imaging cameras in their study to monitor the volunteers and the effect of speaking lie upon their nose tips.

Researchers have dubbed the new findings as “The Pinocchio Effect” to honor the 19th century Italian tale of the wooden puppet, in which his nose grows longer because he fails to tell the truth.

Explaining further about the findings of the study, Mr. Emilio Gomez Milan and Ms. Elvira Salazar Lopez suggested that the temperature of the nose depends upon the mood with the orbital muscle area in the inner corner of the eyes playing the role.