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Eating Fast Food Is Bad For Mental Health As Well

Fast Foods have always been linked to bad eating habits with issues like obesity and bad waistline linked to it. Many health experts adjudicate to avoid junk foods in order to leada healthy lifestyle. But it seems that their effects just do not end there. If researchers at the University of Las Palmasde Gran Canaria and the University of Granada are to be believed then there is another reason why people should keep away from junk meals.

According to their study which was published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, eating fast food can raise a person’s risk of suffering from depression. The researchers have found a link between eating excessive baked items like cakes, croissants and doughnuts and fast food like burgers and pizza to higher cases of melancholy. People who have a habit of consuming there types of fast foods are 51% more likely to develop depression.

Almudena Sanchez-Villegas, who is the lead author of study, categorically mentioned that more a person eats there types of food, more they are prone of depression. Some of the prevalent characteristics of people who indulge a lot in these food items are smoking, working more than 45 hours a week, being less active and poor dietary habits.

During the study the researchers observed 8,964 people over a period of six months out of which 493 were diagnosed with depression or had a prescription of antidepressants. This shows that the effect of fast foods is just not only concentrated to your waistline but also to your mental health. Although the study just puts an associative angle between the two and not a cause and effect angle, the findings surely are alarming for all the fast food eaters.