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Hooray! Eating lots of chocolate keeps you slim

68455 If you’re the type of person who dreams of a chocolate river mixed by a chocolate waterfall then get ready for the best diet news ever!

A new study shows eating plenty of chocolate can keep you slim.

Now, before you get all ‘Augustus Gloop’ on us, here’s the skinny on the chocolate diet.

Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain found that people who admitted eating large amounts of chocolate had, on average, far lower levels of fat over their bodies–especially around the tummy.

Research suggests that chocolate actually makes your body’s metabolism work harder.

There’s other benefits, too.

The study found that chocolate has a positive effect on circulation, blood pressure and heart health–no wonder it’s served in a heart-shaped box!

Studies show the flavonoids in cocoa beans act as antioxidants, which eliminate cell-damaging free radicals.

The higher the cocoa content, the greater the health benefits.

Dark chocolate contains five times more flavonoids than white chocolate and twice as many as milk chocolate.

More food for thought: research shows that 65% of those who give up all sweet treats actually ended up gaining weight.

Translation: everything in moderation.

So go ahead, treat yourself to some chocolaty goodness.

Heck, that’s got to be better than the cabbage soup diet. Yuck!

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