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Earliest known breast cancer identified in ancient Egyptian skeleton

EgiptoCancer A 4,200-year-old skeleton that shows signs of deterioration from cancer is the earliest known case of breast cancer, according to the Spanish anthropologists who uncovered her remains in a necropolis in Egypt. They think the woman’s breast cancer metastasized (spread) to her bones.
The find this month in Qubbet el-Hawa near the southern city of Aswan and a Sudanese find in 2014 indicate cancer was present in the Nile Valley region long ago. The woman excavated this month was an aristocrat from Elephantine, the southernmost town in Egypt.


Though cancer is nearly non-existent in the archaeological record of ancient peoples, now it is the second cause of death worldwide after heart disease.
While the modern lifestyle of rich foods, smoking, obesity and toxins in the environment have been vilified as a leading cause of cancer, some researchers say the fact people are living longer is the primary reason.