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27 May, 2019 · 11:00 al 27 May, 2019 · 12:30 Facultad de Ciencias

Seminario: «Chimera states in type-I Morris-Lecar neuron populations»

Ali Calim

Seminario impartido por Ali Calim (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Bulent Ecevit University, Zonguldak, Turkey).

Abstract: Chimeras are complex spatiotemporal patterns that emerge as coexistence of both coherent and incoherent groups of coupled dynamical systems. Here, we investigate the emergence of chimera states in nonlocal networks of type-I Morris-Lecar neurons coupled via chemical synapses. This constitutes a more realistic neuronal modeling framework than previous studies of chimera states, since the Morris-Lecar model provides biophysically more relevant control parameters to describe the activity in actual neural systems. We demonstrate systematically the transitions of dynamic behavior in which different types of synchrony appear depending on the excitability level and nonlocal network features. Furthermore, we map the transitions between incoherent states, traveling waves, chimeras, and coherent states in the parameter space.

  • Fecha: Lunes, 27 de Mayo de 2019
  • Lugar: Seminario de Física Computacional. Planta baja del edificio de física (junto a las pantallas). Facultad de Ciencias.
  • Horario: 11:00 h.
  • Organiza: Grupo de Física Estadística y de los Sistemas Complejos
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27 mayo

11:00 - 12:30