Video Games (in Moderation) May Help Teens

More conflicting data has emerged about the effects of video games on a child’s development. Spanish researchers found in a study of young teens that video games can have a positive effect in a child’s educational development and academic performance, when used in moderation. The new study investigated whether attitudes of users toward video games… Seguir Leyendo Video Games (in Moderation) May Help Teens - EEUU

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety Emerging research suggests mental training based on mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety and depression among secondary education teachers. Researchers analyzed the psycho-physiological mechanisms related to mindfulness, discovering the training program works as an emotional self-regulating tool. Mindfulness is a type of mental training increasingly popular in the U.S. The technique is based… Seguir Leyendo Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety - EEUU

Anxious Patients May Magnify Symptoms

Anxious Patients May Magnify Symptoms Among individuals living with an anxiety disorder, people often experience physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, irregular breathing, shaking of the hands and muscular tension. According to a new study, the perceived magnitude of the symptoms are often not confirmed upon physical examination. The discovery stems from research on 83… Seguir Leyendo Anxious Patients May Magnify Symptoms - EEUU

Quality of Life With Bipolar Disorder

Quality of Life With Bipolar Disorder New research evaluates the quality of life of patients suffering from bipolar disorder (BD) in comparison with the general population. In the study, University of Granada scientists analyzed 108 patients with bipolar disorder against a comparative group made up of 1,210 persons from a general population sample. Inside the… Seguir Leyendo Quality of Life With Bipolar Disorder - EEUU

Custom-Made Antidepressants

– Custom-Made Antidepressants Although the cause of depression has not been fully identified, scientists do known that genetic and environmental factors play key roles in the onset of the disorder. A pioneering study termed PREDICT-gene, finds that minimal exposure to stress can trigger depression for nearly a quarter of the population carrying the gene. One… Seguir Leyendo Custom-Made Antidepressants - EEUU

Sexual Desire Explored

– Sexual Desire Explored A new survey tool by Spanish researchers is designed to provide a reliable and valid evaluation of sexual desire. The inventory measures both solitary sexual motivation and the interest in having sexual intercourse with another person (didactic sexual desire). According to the authors, the distinction is important because “it gives relevant… Seguir Leyendo Sexual Desire Explored

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